St Pete Beach has the best waterfront bars!  Providing guests with music, food, dancing, and drinks – these bars sit on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico.

With plenty of entertainment in St Pete Beach – a favorite pastime is hanging out at the waterfront bars. Visitors and locals alike enjoy the sunset and party into the night.  Whether you are looking for cocktails, food, or music – these waterfront bars have it all!

The Undertow is a popular stop.  Providing beach volleyball – food- drinks – pool- and a jukebox, this indoor/ outdoor bar has two full bars and two seating areas.  Enjoy the sun and sand, or sit inside and enjoy the multiple tv’s and games.

Behind the Travelodge hotel hides the Swigwam Beach Hut.  A musical paradise - this waterfront bar provides live music and open mic nights.  With a great musical line-up and local hospitality, the Swigwam is a hidden gem!

The Sirata Resort and Hotel boasts two great waterfront bars.  Rummrunner’s is a great stop for cocktails and sit under an umbrella to enjoy the afternoon.  Also behind the Sirata Resort is Harry’s Beach Bar.  Known for live music, you can hear a local musician serenade you with rock, jazz, island music and everything in between.

Bahama Mama’s Beach Bar and Grille is located behind the Holiday Inn on Gulf Blvd.  With a spectacular view of the waterfront and a popular stretch of beach,  Bahama Mama’s is an excellent choice for food and drinks.

If you are looking to dance the night away, hit up Jimmy B’s Beachfront Bar.  Set behind the Best Western Hotel, this wooden hut has room for live bands inside and out.  Jimmy B’s provides live music and drinks each night.  Come and dance under the stars on the Gulf of Mexico waterfront.