The Don Ceasar Resort - The Famous St Petersburg FLA Pink Luxury Hotel

The Don Ceasar, is one of the most Luxurious Historic Hotels in St Petersburg. Built in 1928, the Florida Hotel Resort is indeed a rare treat among the cookie-cutter hotels out there. The Don Ceasar is famous for its unique brilliant Pink color with its domed roof and distinctive period architecture. The Don Ceasar is a Luxury Hotel preserved in its glory, to give you a vacation or event you will not soon forget.

Set on one of St. Petersburg’s beautiful beaches this Beautiful resort has everything you would want. A spa, old fashioned ice cream parlor, and Gulf Shore waterfront views are among the amenities you will enjoy with a room at The Don Cesar.

The Don Ceasar, or Pink Palace as it is affectionately known, is the perfect resort hotel no matter what the occasion. Weddings and Honeymoons, Vacationers and even local residents frequently book rooms at The Don Cesar. You will be the belle of the ball by making reservations at this fine luxury hotel. A finer establishment can not be found. They don’t make them like this anymore!

Consider The Don Ceasar Hotel as you plan your next event or vacation. This is a resort you cannot afford to miss!